Introducing Chef C.J

The man behind the swinging doors is me, Clifford Johnson. You may find me back in the kitchen creating food for your soul or making time to meet and greet the customers I'm pleasing. 

I'm the ripe age of 29 with a beautiful wife, Whitney, two awesome kids, Christopher (8) & Ally (7 months) and one cat, Gouda (Himalayan Persian)! When I'm not caring for and loving them, I'm cooking for them! I've lived in Ahwatukee over 16 years. My experience started at small restaurants until I found Nello's. It's been smooth creating ever since. 

What I love about being the head chef at Nello's is the power to design and construct. Among my creations, the thin crust market special really keeps me on my toes. The market salad is always a fresh thought because I have the privilege of choosing some of the freshest produce from local farms. And random- but I LOVE our tomato jam, it's so tasty! 

I hope to change the way people eat here, in Ahwatukee and Arizona. I want Nello's to be an example of a great local place to eat and encourage everyone to support local restaurants.

To you, my customers, I believe you trust and appreciate all that I do for you- thank you. You all have been key in making this place truly a "family restaurant"- kids running around acting insane, grandma in her wheelchair, or everyone squeezing into a booth because it's the only one available on a Friday night. I can relate to that. I love cooking for my family and for yours. It's a way to bring all of us together- and that's why I do what I do.



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