For Pizza Lovers This Season!

Christmas is right around the corner!

Finish your shopping list with these ideas for anyone who loves pizza! 

1. A Nello's pizza, duh. 

2. Stock someone's stuffing with a Nello's gift certificate. It's like Christmas on a pizza paper! (Get it?!) 




3. Adorable women's "Merry Crustmas" holiday sweater in red

Also available in black, grey, pink

4. Pair up with a loved one or friend and show off your green and red holiday pizza spirit: 

Also available in black, grey, pink and blue

5. When words fail, a picture says it all! Who doesn't heart pizza? 

6. Know someone who wants a tattoo but can't decide which one they want? Solve their problem with these temporary pizza tattoos! There's not a tattoo more meaningful than a slice of your favorite food on your body.  

7. For any home owner- All you need is love and pizza

8. Pizza is the new black. Replace that boring colored phone covering with a a new pizza phone case!  


9. Pizza keeps the tummy warm... so why not your feet too? Pizza socks, enough said. 

10. Nothing says "I love you" like jewelry. But jewelry with pizza on it says "I REALLY love you"! Deliciously, cute pizza earrings are the gift that keeps on giving! 

11. For the guy who would marry pizza if he could- this Target shirt is for him! 

12. Have you ever tried sharing a pizza with a hungry woman? Then you know the meaning of this shirt

  Have more ideas for pizza gifts?!

Comment them below to help out those in search of the perfect gift!



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